12:48am September 17, 2014
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  • Artist: Fall Out Boy
  • Album: Mash Up
  • Track Name: Light 'Em Up for Centuries

"Just one mistake, is all it will take, we’ll go down in history. You will remember me, for centuries."

"In the end, everything collides. My childhood spat back out the monster that you see. My songs know what you did in the dark."


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2:27am September 11, 2014

red riding hood retold


there is blood in your mouth
and it tastes a lot like moonlight
there is blood on your hands
and it feels a lot like silver

(there is a monster in your mirror
and it looks a lot like you)

there is a bullet in your chest
and it’s eating you alive
they say wolves fear silver
but this smells more like gold

there is ice creeping up your spine
like a vine chilled in snow
there is fire in your heart
and it’s burning forests down

there is a fairytale they tell
about a girl who met a wolf
deep inside the woods

there is no fairytale they tell
about a girl who is a wolf
and a wolf who is a girl

there are stories about wolves
and stories about girls
ask the girl who is a wolf
how her story goes

because there is a monster in your mirror
and her cape is red as blood

— M.J.

1:57am September 11, 2014


and the world kept turning on

singallyouwant asked: sleeping hook or steroline

1:28am September 11, 2014


welcome to the world aflame

12:59am September 11, 2014


she was picking flowers in the meadow

12:29am September 11, 2014


a queen in red scales — x

11:55pm September 10, 2014




Link - No Limit

Please watch this video


11:50pm September 10, 2014


for the girls the fairytales abandoned