2:41am October 14, 2014
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  • Artist: Delta Rae
  • Album: Carry the Fire
  • Track Name: I Will Never Die
8:34pm October 11, 2014


I do not think
we were meant to burn the world
the way we did.

They always taught us
that to destroy is to sin and that
you will never be free once you have killed.

They misread human nature,
my love. We have destroyed and it has 
made kings and queens of us.

We are stronger now
we have sinned so mightily.
(Eve ate the apple, that’s where this started.)

Hold me close against you,
and strike the match. 
Tear down the last gods.

7:36pm October 11, 2014

Forestry Commissions


Forestry Commissions

7:06pm October 11, 2014

“You’re a good bullet point to add to a list
of reasons to equate humans to natural disasters.
(I’m pressing red on the remote
but the earth’s still shaking.)
I reduce people down to the parts
of them that remind me of you.
I’m not saying you ruined me,
only that you’ve stuck me in a cycle
of viewing others geometrically.
The angle of my new roommate’s jaw
is a little akin to the slope of your collarbone.
(I’m setting fire to the house
but the sea keeps rising.)”

— elisabeth hewer (via elisabethhewer)
6:37pm October 11, 2014


The first time I met him
we made it forty minutes past the start of The Hour
before I realised it. I turned to him and said,
"Sorry, but I think you ought to know:
I’m missing The Hour.”

He didn’t get it. Apologised, even.
Tried to hurry me out. 
"No," I said, daring now to touch,
to wrap my hands around his.
"You don’t understand. I wasn’t complaining.
I’m missing it. I’ve never missed it,
but I’m missing it now. I’m missing it
and I don’t even mind.”
He smiled then. I think he got it.

Last week, he turned on the TV
and noticed that Breaking Bad was on.

"I’ve missed half of it," he said,
turning to me. “Over half, actually.”

Then he turned the TV
off again.

elisabeth hewer

6:34pm October 11, 2014

grimm | e.h. 


grimm | e.h. 

6:22pm October 11, 2014

“Let’s do the Bible in modern-day terms.
White collar God in something high-rise,
steel and glass and expensive electronics.
Michael blonde and sleek,
bright-eyed lawyer with the flaming tongue,
Zadkiel at his back. Every lawyer
wants the righteousness behind him.
Satan’s one tight-jawed arsonist;
gasoline lips and matchstick hands.
“Burn it, baby,” Lilith urges,
leather and spikes and stiletto heels.
But the Devil’s only playing with fire, and for Lilith
it stopped being a game a long time ago.
Mostly, anyhow. Packaging up an apple
and Fed-Exing it to God
seemed too good a laugh to resist.
The Hellish have never been overly about willpower.”

— elisabeth hewer (via elisabethhewer)
12:30am October 6, 2014


the boy who flew too far